A lot of love, time and effort has gone in our creations. So we kindly ask you to respect our work and our talented team member by not simply copying our images. Should you need something specific, feel free to drop us a mail so that we can see how we can help you.


On the menu above or links here below we highlight some of our recent productions.

New at this time: VOGUE Arabia launch event presented by Place Vendôme

SHOWREEL: while still working on out The Cintamani Stone showreel, please discover our ArchitectofEMOTION showreel here.

SHOW CREATION & PRODUCTION: Budweiser & TIESTO at DreamVille, Tomorrowland 2016 – Boom, BELGIUM

SOFTWARE FOR EVENTS: Delta Light GRAND OPENING event SVO jingles by rapper Notizz – Wevelgem, BELGIUM

EMOTIONEERING: VTM Betoverende Feesten 2016 (Enchanting End Year) – Ghent, BELGIUM

TECHNOLOGY SHOWS: we think to be the first to have developed with Lasershow.be a concept of laser mapping on dinner tables during an award ceremony, with categories and winners written on the tables, sparkles on the winning table etc.  Adecco Stars Night 2016 -Brussels, BELGIUM

TECHNOLOGY SHOWS: This amazing multi technology visual experience launched the High speed internet for AWASR in Oman.  Concept by AoE, together with Mojuice and Lasershow.be.

INTERACTIVE VIDEO/LIVE CHOREOGRAPHY: tailor made for Adecco, we created this very nice story about seeing and finding talent and coaching it into succes: “Be My Talent, Let Me Be Your Guide”.