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Amicorum Spectaculum with lots of Soul

Soul15 is since years the creative producer of the show concepts on main stage and most of the on the field animations, and was this year charged with the development of Tomorrowland’s creative storytelling concept: “The Amicorum Spectaculum”.


This year, for the second time, AoE partnered up with Creative Producer Chantal Copello for the show management/running.  Together with our own AoE preferred assistent artistic show runner Mieke Ketelslegers and an amazing stage team by ID&T Tomorrowland we managed to create over 10 show moments a day to bring the Amicorum Family to life.

Amazing talents have been scouted who worked extremely hard to get the difficult show choreographies on sway poles and vertical walls done.  Add to that the fire breather, aerialists, dancing poles, tight rope walker, high pole performers and an actual wheel of death… ending every day with the most amazing Flamenco performance we have ever seen.

Tomorrowland is not an event, it is a universe, one I am proud and happy to be invited to discover:


Thank you Soul15 and Tomorrowland to have us on board once again.


See the Tomorrowland Amicorum Sopectaculum 2017 after movie.