A lot of love, time and effort has gone in our creations. So we kindly ask you to respect our work and our talented team member by not simply copying our images. Should you need something specific, feel free to drop us a mail so that we can see how we can help you.


‘Thank you’

Those are the two key words we would like to share with you.

Thank you, for letting us concretize your dream.
Thank you, for believing our team was meant to be.
Thank you, for giving a platform to our talents.

our  creative partners
our outstanding stage artists
our world wide network of premium suppliers :

We all Thank you.


It is one thing to phantasize on shows, stories, experiences…  it get’s a whole different ball game producing these phantasies.

A part from our over 20 years multi-disciplinary experience we are blessed with the support of a top notch team of amazing experts in almost any field of event and show production and linked creative and technical services.  Together with these talents I dare accept any challenge no matter how big it is.  Our team of freelance talents consists of over 40 experts with years of international experience.

CREATIVE TEAM: storywriters, storytellers, character designers, costume designers, make-up artists, set designers, software experts in 3D, animation, After Effects…

TECHNICAL TEAM: lighting designers, video designers, audio designers, production director, field crew, SFX experts, laser experts, pyro designer…

PRODUCTION TEAM: overall coordinators and project managers, project managers with very specific specialties, health and safety managers….

ARTISTIC TEAM:  air choreographer, choreographers, dancers, acrobats, acting coach…


A part from that we know where to find any needed expert that our team might be missing, how unlikely this may seem to us.