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“I am a dancer who never learned how to dance, in my mind I see beautiful things and I am blessed knowing talented people who can bring these mind images to life.”



There is nothing as magical as seeing, hearing and feeling an audience’s reaction to a show creation.  It is an amazing privilege to write a story and predict which elements will touch their souls.  A smile, a tear, a deep thought… any emotion is my drive, my energy, my motivation.

I am no artist, at least I don’t consider myself to be.  I am an artistic director, and artistic creator.

Like an architect I use the laws of theatre, of show technology, of human psyche, of emotion.  Like the laws of physics, you can not change them, but you can make them work for you by being extremely creative.  It is exactly that magic, that vision that makes the difference.

Thank you, for allowing me to do what I love doing.  Every day.


Steven Martin