A lot of love, time and effort has gone in our creations. So we kindly ask you to respect our work and our talented team member by not simply copying our images. Should you need something specific, feel free to drop us a mail so that we can see how we can help you.


Software is a very important part of any show and live experience.  It is one of the main ingredients to create the perfect emotional memory. We integrate the creation of those elements starting from the first arrival -and sometimes even long before during the invitation trajectory.

From sound scores to decoration video clips, from special effect videos to laser effects, from holograms to… whatever technology offers us next!

We have a large team of creative talents in almost any field of technology and artistics allowing us to match techniques and sciences to invent new ideas.

A nice example can be found in the Adecco live/choreography interactive show.

You have a wild special effects dream for your show or event?  You want us to come up with one?  Just contact us and we will start working in our creative lab!