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Emotioneering is the art of ‘engineering emotion’ as invented and defined by the Walt Disney Company.  With their extreme high creativity and production level, they have made it into a real art in the world of live experiences.

Emotioneering defines the way how to make a live audience, live, perceive, feel, smell, see… your message or story.  It is the way to work on all senses and make them step into a dream world, live it and for just one second forget about the real world outside.  It is the way to automize these ingredients needed to create the magic into a magic potion that will work, not only for the first time but for numerous times to come.  Like the attractions in the Disneyland theme parks.

This approach also is used in events and live experiences, although in Europe not that known yet.

The technique offers a unique opportunity for a brand to create in little time a high brand visibility with a fluent and fully scripted experience.  When well executed it can optimize any show concept into a highly successful brand activation campaign, not only offering quantity (like brand activation in general aims for) but most of all quality (which in brand activation is the trickiest part)!

A very nice example of this is the VTM Christmas event of 2016.

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