On the menu above or links here below we highlight some of our recent productions.

New at this time: VOGUE Arabia launch event presented by Place Vendôme

SHOWREEL: while still working on out The Cintamani Stone showreel, please discover our ArchitectofEMOTION showreel here.

SHOW CREATION & PRODUCTION: Budweiser & TIESTO at DreamVille, Tomorrowland 2016 – Boom, BELGIUM

SOFTWARE FOR EVENTS: Delta Light GRAND OPENING event SVO jingles by rapper Notizz – Wevelgem, BELGIUM

EMOTIONEERING: VTM Betoverende Feesten 2016 (Enchanting End Year) – Ghent, BELGIUM

TECHNOLOGY SHOWS: we think to be the first to have developed with Lasershow.be a concept of laser mapping on dinner tables during an award ceremony, with categories and winners written on the tables, sparkles on the winning table etc.  Adecco Stars Night 2016 -Brussels, BELGIUM

TECHNOLOGY SHOWS: This amazing multi technology visual experience launched the High speed internet for AWASR in Oman.  Concept by AoE, together with Mojuice and Lasershow.be.

INTERACTIVE VIDEO/LIVE CHOREOGRAPHY: tailor made for Adecco, we created this very nice story about seeing and finding talent and coaching it into succes: “Be My Talent, Let Me Be Your Guide”.

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