A partnership for over 20 years.  How many people can say that?

Growing together, sharing lots of successes together.  Steven Martin and Patrick De Coninck of the MOVE DANCE CENTER and MOVE FOR EVENTS have been working ever since Steven’s first event; the launch of sports TV channel SuperSport and 10th celebration of FilmNet (the first pay-TV concept in Belgium).

Never change a winning team and this makes the dance squad of MOVE “The Groovies” the preferred first partner of ArchitectofEMOTION. We are proud to say that we already work with the third generation of Groovies and the fourth is on the way! Working with these polyvalent dancers and knowing each of them so well allows us to select the perfect profile for the right job.  The best dancer on resume isn’t always the right dancer for the job.

With The Cintamani Stone we go a step further and select our teams individually, based upon their specific personality, profile and skills.  Skills not only in dancing and the styles they master, but moreover in their acting skills, comedy talents, improvisational skills…


Talented dancers and choreographers, a continuous new source of young talents growing into the professional company, with Groove-Up as the last step before entering the Groovies, working with friends rather than with colleagues or suppliers, we make the magic work!

And most of all we are very proud to have been an inspiration and source for them to develop their amazing talents.  Each and every one of them offers an almost nuclear energy and love for dance, an Möbius infinite enthusiasm and a never ending smile.  Working with our team, will make you understand why we keep on working with them.

Add to that the huge warehouse of costumes and accessories (over 10.000 units) and even a large storage of props and decor sets.  On top the 4 large dance studios, (2 of them that can be connected to one space allowing 400p to enter), audio studio etc.  MOVE has become our creative lab for performances.

Together with MOVE we have created numerous show and performances.  Co-owned concepts like the Image Catchers, i-Nathalie, PRO-JEK-ZION… were developed together

The Cintamani Stone is proud to have MOVE as its partner since 1996.




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